FPV550 Motors. Which Ones?


My FPV550 quad with 1200kv motors & 30amp esc with a KK2 controller comes in at 950g. With a 300g 3300mAh batter I get around 7 mins flying. AUW 1250 with no FPV gear. I would like to run FPV gear but current set-up is underpowered!

At the moment, I really don’t want to go 4s but would like more power at a reasonable price. The quad will take 11" props but not 12". I have seen the new motors here and wonder what should I think about.

I’ve been looking at
2212Q, 850Kv
2217Q, 880Kv
Both on 3s and an 11x5 ish prop
Will either of them work well and give good flight times?

Any other suggestions both home or abroad to give me the same or better flying times but more power to take FPV gear?


I would say that the 880Kv with 11inch props will be better, they will also give you abit more power which will make your quadcoper more responsive.

Many thanks for your reply. I’ve also been looking to compare the Emax 2213’s with the Arducopter 2212Q motors that you sell.

The info on both is lacking so it’s very difficult to compare.

I have had the Emax motors before and they are brilliant! The only issue is the prop mounting method as tit’s easy to strip the thread and there doesn’t appear to be a replacement!

So, Emax or Arducopter 2212 motors?

Can either take 11" props?

Many thanks.

The Emax 2213 and 2212Q are both great motors and are quire comparable in terms of performance. But your point about the Emax motors not having a replaceable prop mount could mean you need to replace the entire motor in a crash if you bend the shaft. In terms of raw thrust the Emax 2213 wins, but the 2212Q motors come with a 45cm long motor wires so could save you some soldering.

Although they might be able to use 11inch props (if the pitch is not too great), I would not suggest it as using bigger props with these motors. Otherwise if you need more thrust you will be better off with the 2217Q 880Kv motors!