Motor for 330 Quadcopter?

I need some help finding motor for a F330 quad I am building. I will be using it foe photography (not racing).

Due to size it can only take 8" props. Maximum take off weight is 950-1000g. I guess I need each motor to produce a max thrust of around 550-600g.

I checked the Emax 2216 and 2213 and both give around max thrust (with 8045 props) of 470-480g which is not enough.

Any help in guiding me to an appropriate motor is really appreciated.

Try an 0845 prop on the 2213 with a 4s pack, this should give a max thrust around 860g

Running on on 3s, you really need a 1045 prop to get around 670g


Thanks Mark.

From, I have a choice of EmaxMT 2213 or the Unmannedtech MT2216 810KV. The 2213 CCW is not available for now so only choice is the Unmanned MT2216 . Believe this should be ok though the table only shows 10" props and I can only use 8".

10" props on a 2216 seem a bit small, probably why they recommend 10" props :wink:

Whilst it’s good to support UnmannedTech, if they are out of stock, then there are plenty of shops in the UK you can get the 2213 CCW motors from (also :imp:bay)

I’d stick with the 2213 motors as they look the ‘best fit’ for your needs :thumbsup:


Yeah think 2213 will be best and as @CF-FZG said, it’s kind of our fault we ran out of stock :frowning: so will prob be faster to get from somewhere else for now!

Good news is that more are on the way from emax so we should have them in stock in about a week as they are already on the way