New in this field. What do you think about my setup?

Hello guys, I just got into FPV and for the last 3 days I was researching it and finally i think I understand some of the basics things for building your own FPV racing drone.

I am just very concerned that my components may be not compatible…Even if they seem to be fine.
So, I decided to ask for help from some people who are experienced in this field , because I don’t want to spend money without being sure about what I’m doing. Also, this will help me learn more about it.

Here is my setup:
Frame: AstroX X5 SV FPV Freestyle Frame (Silky Version)
Motors: BrotherHobby 2206 2140KV Motor
Propellers: HQ Prop 5X4.3X3 V1S PC Propeller Set
FC : DYS F4 Pro v2 Flight Controller
Command Receiver: Spektrum RX SPM 4649T
Camera:Rotor Riot Special Edition RunCam Swift 2
Antenna: Lumenier AXII U.FL 5.8GHz Antenna
Video Transmitter: ImmersionRC Tramp HV 5.8GHz Video Tx - (US Version)

Basically that’s it, without the googles and controller. I would really apreciate if you guys could tell me if this setup is compatible and if I can improve it with lower costs.

I was also thinking about 2 DYS Fire 2206 2600KVMotors and 2 of the ones that i have now. But, I assume I would need 2 another ESC like these ones: DYS Aria BLHeli_32bit 35A ESC for the new motors.
(I’m not sure if the ESC that are in my setup right now are fine with the DYS Fire 2206 2600KV motors. Would love to hear an answer for that. :smiley: )

I really want to make my first FPV racing drone and start flying around. This is a really nice field and I’m glad to be part of it !
Thanks for your time and for your help!

Your motors are more for 6" props.

I would swap them to ether 2400kv or 2600kv.
30Amp esc’s should work just fine as long as you don’t over prop your motors.
Your props will be fine with 30amp esc’s.

ESCs are rated for a continues load for 30amp with peaks for 35-45amp for short bursts (ish).
So its only really a problem if you fly at 100% throttle for long periods of time… ie a race.

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Thanks a lot man, a very informative reply, really apreciate it !
So if i swap to the DYS Fire 2206 2600KV Motor I should be fine?

The 2600kv will give you greater speed over the 2300kv motors.
and are rated for max current of 35 Amps.

So as long are your not 100% all the time 30Amps should take the load

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The NitroNectar 4s 1500mAh 80C LiPo Battery w/ Aluminum Shield] battery it’s ok for what I have?
Sorry for the newbie questions again and again, but I want to do it right.

thats fine.

You ask away thats what we are here for.

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