My First Drone:Can anyone tell whether the parts I choose are correct!

Motors - Emax MT2213 935 KV
ESC- Simon K 30A
Battery- 5200mah 3S (40C/80C)
Frame- S500
Flight Controller - APM 2.8
Please let me know!
Thanks you in advance.

APM 2.8 is very old hardware. Iast firmware supported is 3.2.1 .
Get something new.
Also Blheli-S or Blheli-32 ESC will be better.

Thank you! I’m bought naze 32 6rev is it ok?

Naze32 can’t run ardupilot. I suggest you go for an omnibus f4 pro as it’s probably one of the cheapest boards that will run ardupilot :slight_smile:

Use different ESCs
Simon K ESCs are really old and don’t work very well with Quads your get a much better experience with some 30a BLHeli ones.

they work well and are cheap.