Motor choice for second quad

Need some help with motor choice for second quad. First quad has Racerstar RF2205 2600kv motors, which is no longer avaible. They where chosen based on an AUW of 650 grams, with final build weight of 561 grams with battery. Planing on using same frame, FC, battery, and ESC on second build with adding a GPS/compass module. Assuming same estimate of 650 grams AUW, would the Racerstar BR2205 2600kv motors be ok? Oh, and using KingKong 5040 triblade props on first, so would like to use them on the second also.

Those should be fine, bit as you might of come across the emax rs2005 motors are among the best when you consider price and performance as they can pull over 1Kg per motor! I like them :slight_smile:
But racestar motors are also decent when you factor in their relatively low cost.

A good site i can suggest is miniquad test bench as he does a nice set of consistent motor reviews. But it’s a good idea to take some of the reviews/performance data with a pinch of salt as recently it seems that manufacturers are sending him motors that are not always indicative of the general release product.

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I have been to that site a few times. Didn’t find any data for Racerstar motors, or any data for a 3S battery. It will be some time before i build the second one, so I’ll keep an eye on new motor data as it comes along. The appeal of Racerstar motors is the price, as you have mentioned. Thanks for your time.

As you heard a hundred times you usually get what you pay for, but right now I must say in my experience racestar motors are the best of the cheap motors and are even better than some more expensive brands

Yeah, might have heard that once or twice. When I’m ready to build the second one, going a step or two up in motors might be a good idea. In theory, I’ll be a better pilot.