Need advice on Tricopter step down

Hi guys,

I just found this forum and I’m a new member. I recently built a tricopter for research, and I used race spec RS2205 motors on it. It runs on 4S with 6x4.5 props. It is damn fast. As soon as I take off it shoots off into the sky making it difficult to fly. Moreover, my intention is to obtain some data which I could use for system identification.

The copter weighs about 845g whereas each of the motors currently on it produces about 1.1kg thrust, plus i’m running on a 35A ESC. I just need a drone that I can fly easily and gently not for racing.

My proposed solution:
Rather than target the 2:1 thrust to weight ratio, i’m thinking 1.5:1. So I need a setup which produces a total of about 1268g (1.3kg) in total, which means each of the 3 motors should produce about 422g of thrust. I also plan to come down to a 3S battery.

I would prefer something with stator diameter of 22mm (2205,2207, 22XX etc) due to frame constraints. I know there are many brushless DC motors out there, but I want to get some inputs before I go ahead.
Your suggestions, inputs etc. are highly appreciated. thanks.

What firmware are you using, iNav Betaflight, Triflight, sounds like a tuning problem, not hardware.

I run iNav 2.5.1 on my Trifecta, and it’s stable, and it peforms now that the frame issues are worked out with the front arms. It just needs slight tweaking from the settings I used at its inception.