Need advice on Tricopter step down

Hi guys,

I just found this forum and I’m a new member. I recently built a tricopter for research, and I used race spec RS2205 motors on it. It runs on 4S with 6x4.5 props. It is damn fast. As soon as I take off it shoots off into the sky making it difficult to fly. Moreover, my intention is to obtain some data which I could use for system identification.

The copter weighs about 845g whereas each of the motors currently on it produces about 1.1kg thrust, plus i’m running on a 35A ESC. I just need a drone that I can fly easily and gently not for racing.

My proposed solution:
Rather than target the 2:1 thrust to weight ratio, i’m thinking 1.5:1. So I need a setup which produces a total of about 1268g (1.3kg) in total, which means each of the 3 motors should produce about 422g of thrust. I also plan to come down to a 3S battery.

I would prefer something with stator diameter of 22mm (2205,2207, 22XX etc) due to frame constraints. I know there are many brushless DC motors out there, but I want to get some inputs before I go ahead.
Your suggestions, inputs etc. are highly appreciated. thanks.