Motor choice for GPS Robocat

Hello all. I’m a noob in need of some help. I have built a Robocat 270, and getting better flying it. I want to build a second with Inav/GPS. My question is the motors. I used Racerstar RF2205 2600kv motors with KingKong 5040 triblade props. That choice was based on a 650 gram AUW. As the RF2205 motors are no longer available, looking for a budget friendly motor with close enough specs. Thanks for reading.

Edited to add: This will be for fun flying, and might not have FPV gear on board.

So it appears I have already ask a very simular question before. Based on the answers in that thread, I think I have my direction to go in.

We will be releasing some 2205 motors soon that are budget friendly and have some serious performance :slight_smile: But my guess is still another 2 weeks until we have them in our shop.

But to be honest most racerstar 2205 motors for the price are decent :slight_smile: I think their current 2205 series they sell work well (I cant remember the exact model number, think its BR2205 or something)

I should be able to wait that long. Any hint as to what brand to watch for?

They are part of our relatively new brand called ChaosFPV, the first production batch of motors should arrive with us next week :slight_smile: At least that is what the factory has told us. If you want I can let you know when they arrive?

Sure, sounds good. Always up to look at stuff to buy.