SP F3 Evo Yaw Oscillation (clleanflight blackbox)

Encountered other problems with the board. I think the gyro might be bad on this one. I get lots of spikes in the black box data on the yaw axis while hovering or very slow flight.

Ive used this quad setup for a while now, only the board has changed. The quad flew ok with the Naze.

Heres a short black box video showing the same problem if you want to take a look. Yaw oscillation at around 5 seconds.

Because the F3 evo has a gyro connected to SPI it get much faster readings so it is possible that some extra vibrations are picked up. So my advice would be to try mount your board using some vibration dampers or some o-rings to see if that helps solve the issue.

I have mounted the board on soft O ring. That didn’t help. I’ve also installed a 1000uf capacitor on the PDB, people with similar problems have reported that this has helped. Apparently the gyro is sensitive to noise from the ESC’s.

I really don’t think it’s a problem with vibration because, it happens randomly. Here is a longer flight with back box data. Around 0:34-0:43 you can see yaw spiking with relatively slow turns. It doesn’t seem to be dependent on throttle position.