New motors new fc new pdb, getting yaw and pitch twist on punch out

So basically after having the violent twitch with my new motors i decided that the gryo on the fc was faulty, bought the new matek f4 board with the matching pdb and the twitches are gone but now it get yaw and pitch spin when i punch it and come off the throttle to zero i’ve tried raising I gain and i’ve tried 2 versions of betaflight i’ve changed for shorter motor screws, nothing seems to work, tonight ill be swapping the motors back to see if there the cause but i hope not, anyone got a clue?

The motors at 2750kv f40 iii’s so very powerful

How mich does it Spin?
Is it doing full flips, or just a little bit of Movement?
My tip number one World be still changing the Props. … You Said that the Motors have much power and a High kv rate…So you may got to soft props…
Also look if your props are balanced. … :slight_smile:

Please also tell me which Frame you are using…

its just a little yaw twist with a bit of roll maybe 20 degrees nothing i can’t correct or control, my props a pretty rigid there not thin paper type props

Im using a shike style frame 220 X shape

You could try enabling antigravity mode in Betaflight and see if that makes any difference. I think it was introduced to make the quad more stable during punch outs by temporarily raising the I gain as needed while the throttle is high.

yea tried that doesn’t work, the stability problem happens whe you come off the throttle rather than on it