Twitching drone


When I arm the quad, the drone start twitching (right and left turns) and than stop. I bought new ESCs and motors, new antennas for my XSR-R receiver, new FC board and still twitching. What is not new is PDB board, income capacitor and frame. Do you have any idea? Is maybe the frame?

Could you clarify the term twitching?

It is important for us to determine whether it is a Hardware or Software Problem.
Is the “Drone-twitching-movement” a rather precise back and forth or something that does occur sometimes when doing specific movements.

Maybe try to make a Video for us… that would help a lot :smiley:

My “Quickfix” tips would be;
-Check if the Props are properly screwed on
-Check the Calibration and Orientation of your fc
-Recalibrate the Escs.
-(Cant imagine why this would be creating this Problem but…) Check if everything is isolated properly, check if Motors are warm, if yes check if the Motor screws are too long.

I recorded the video, but it is too big. Where I can send it?

try youtube(privat) or dropbox/ other cloud services

I have on google drive. Where I can share?email?

just post the link here, but make sure to only share the video and not your entire Google Drive :smiley:

Im not sure what the first sound is coming from? :thinking:
But concentrating on the Motors it sounds like they are not running smooth.
When turning each Motor by hand, does it feel like there is a magnet loose or that some dirt is stuck in it?

make sure the motor direction is correct, EG on betaflight config tab you can set motor direction. normal unchecked or reversed. 90% sure thats the problem.

First I check the motors and escs and than I bought new, but problem is the same. Motor spinning is correct, because one day I changed the wires on two motors. And than there are just PDB board, FC matek 405 STD board and XSR-R receiver (I added new anntenas). Is maybe the problem in ribbon cable betwen the PDB and FC?

in slow mo hard to see but both your left motors seem to spin clockwise on both right motors seem to spin anti clockwise. please triple check motors. the fault your are getting im sure motor direction incorrect.
defo not the flex cable


My motors are spinning like this…

and just to confirm that is the same direction in betaflight config page, you havent accidentally clicked the reverse motor tab.
it doesn’t actually spin motors the other way just tells FC to switch YAW around and that problem you are getting LOOKS like a YAW problem to me.

yea, finaly I solved the problem. It was wrong order spinning motors. thanks for all help. Regards

glad i could help, you dint make it easy as you said THE MOTORS are CORRECT twice and you double checked…

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