Rakon Heli Babyhawk shaking on yaw axis

I have just finished building an Emax babyhawk using the Rakon frame (which is very nice) but it oscillates really bad on the yaw axis. I have tried re flashing both the FC(Femto f3) and the ESC’s with various firmware versions, all of which fly perfectly well on all axis apart from yaw,i have soft mounted the motors but there is no option to soft mount the FC, this helped a bit but it’s still doing it. When i look at the graphs in betaflight motors tabs(with the props off of course)i can run the motors up to full speed and see hardly any vibrations. I have lowered P and I on the yaw, and can get it to fly rock solid ,now this is where it gets weird.No matter how smooth and locked in i get it, this all goes out the window when i put another battery pack in then i’m back to square one with it twitching like mad. I’ve built several of these babyhawks both in normal X configuration and 2 in plus configuration and have never had this issue. Could it be that i’ve just had bad luck and got a bad FC with a dodgy gyro or something else? Please help as this is really driving me nuts!!

I have the same problems. I tried 16.65 on blheli and I also tried changing firmwares on betaflight to 3.15 and 3.16

I just found the solution for mine it could be different for you.

@Mswalkey What was your solution to this problem?

As per @Potatocarl it does look like it could be a bad gyro, if you try change the yaw deadband abit does that help things?

It did indeed turn out to be a bad board. After trying everything i could think of i decided to replace the femto. I spoke to a few people that had bought the power set with motors props ecs’s and FC, and 2 of them had the same problem as me. I’m not sure if a batch of these sets were released with bad FC’s but after finding one by itself (took ages as everyone was out of stock) everything is perfect. The Rakon frame and soft mounts really transform this little 'copter. No vibrations and no jello at all. The camera mount they do for the micro swift i’m using is spot on too. Another feature i found out about is “Turtle mode”…it involves moving the signal wire from esc 4 and connecting it to the ppm output next to the 5v and ground used for camera power then after some CLI work you can flip over if you crash upside down. There is a video on Flite test’s youtube channel explaining how to do it, i really like the idea of not having to trudge through hedges just because i landed with my ar*e in the air!!