Emax Femto F3 Flight controller orientation

Hi, i’m a bit of a noob to both the forum and multi rotors so forgive me if sound a bit dumb.
Having purchased a baby hawk and getting on really well with it i decided to build a carbon frame version with bigger ecs’s and a better camera. The problem i’m having is that when i plug the FC into my pc and connect to Betaflight , pitch and roll seem to be the wrong way round ie, with the arrow pointing away from you,when i tilt the board to the right the preview pitches forward, if i tilt the board forward the preview rolls to the left. I’ve checked on the baby hawk and all the sensor alignments are at default. It’s exactly the same fight controller so i’m at a loss as what to do with it. Any help would great guys!!

Emax did something abit weird with the Fenton as there are actually two versions. One that comes with babyhawk, and then another on its own. The only difference between them is that the one has the usb and sensor at a different side.

So all you need to do in the config tab within betaflight is change the yaw value so pitch and roll are correct. I can’t recall the exact orientation but I guess it would be either 90 or -90.

Hope that helps :grinning:

Thanks Alex. Maybe i should have put my glasses on before getting confused…there is even an arrow printed on the board!! I changed the the yaw to 90 degrees as i like to have the usb at the rear of the quad and all is now fine. By the way i used a nice piece of software to flash the board. It enables you to enter bootloader mode without messing around with Zadig or shorting jumpers,really handy if you need to flash a craft without taking it apart. It’s called Impulserc driver fixer,give it a try,it worked on every FC that i’ve tested it on.

Anyway Thanks again and safe flying to all.

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Happy to hear it’s all sorted :-). Added the solution now incase anyone else has a similar issue…