Matek f405 / Betaflight - No Accelerometer

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone maybe able to help me.

I have flashed version 3.2 to a matek f405 flight controller but im not getting any accelerometer, and no sensors are showing.

I have set acc_hardware = ICM20602 within the CLI.


Hiya bud first of all i think were a few weeks off a stable release of 3.2 for the matek hence having to get it from there site, many people are reporting an arrangement of bugs, consider going to 3.1.7 until its ready.

Second of all, i assume you have seen if the accelerometer slider is selected under the configuration tab? its located below where u select your gyro and pid loop frequencies?


Hi MM, thank you for your reply.

Yeah i have double checked the slider.

I was having issues flashing firmware 3.1.7 and using BF 3.1.1 over the weekend were it would not create a com port on my laptop, but it was fine using 3.2.

I had gone through many processes shown in many videos on the internet but the only thing i managed to get working was to move up to version 3.2

Thats very odd as 3.1.7 is a stable release, do you have other quads to connect? to see if its the computers fault or the board that a com port doesn’t show?

I asssume the acc slider is in the off position? if it is can it be moved?

Yeah it is strange.
No this is the first quad i have built and first fc i have connected to my laptop / laptops.

Its strange how it will connect using 3.2 but not 3.1.7.

Yeah i have switched it off and on again but still no joy

you know you have to click save and reboot button after you side it yea?

Yep, have done that.

And you’ve installed Zadig drivers and all the vitual com port stuff onto the pc when connecting?

Yeah i have done all that, that is what is throwing me why 3.2 works but 3.1.7 wont

Very strange, do you have another computer or friends laptop you can use?

Ive used 3 other windows laptops and my own macbook, all the same.

Should i be able to see the matek f405 as one of the boards in the dropdown in the flash firmware section?

No its not listed yet, thats why matek have the target listed on there website, im stumped mate clearly its a glitch with 3.1.7, only thing i can suggest you do until beataflight bring out the official 3.2 is start flying acro, with you acc turned off your just flying acro where ultimately is where you wanna be anyway, some would argue that flying with some sort of self levelling even from day one jus creates bad habits, you’ll be diving in the deep end, no doubt but give it 10 batteries and you’ll be ok

Thanks for you help MM. I have another FC on order for tomorrow so ill give that a try.

Im new to all this and following youtube videos and nothing is working at the moment. Bit disheartening to be honest

if im honest im having problems with my matek, nothing like yours im having flight stability problems, did you order the same fc?

I did, if this is the same then i might try the kiss fc

flash firmware before you do anything, as long as you don’t solder anything then you can get a refund if its broken, in the event that its the same i would’nt reccomend kiss, its a different kettle of fish, i can reccomend the dys all in one pdb/fc my mate has it and its a solid setup out the box and only £30ish

Yeah thays the first thing im going to do.

Cheers mate, i will take a look into those

reinstal the firmware