Vortex 250 pro motor upgrade

Hi first post here so hello :slight_smile:
Looking to upgrade the motors on my vortex 250 pro
Running the standard esc,
Any tried and tested suggestions ??

Many thanks

Welcome :slight_smile:

As for the motor upgrades, to be honest there are not too many better options as anything more powerful you will likely need to upgrade to 30A ESC, and then the max current though the pdb is the issue. I k ow the v1 pdb could nearly handle the current from stock motors, but v2 is good for about 120A, but no official figures.

But emax rs2205 2300kv motors are a nice option and will work as long as you don’t run on max throttle too long depending on what props you run.

Maybe someone else has some other ideas?

Hi Alex,
Thanks for that , I know it’s a kinda open ended question with so many choices , I looked at the
x nova 2204 2300 , and the emax.
Planning running std 5x4.5 props .
Just finding the standard motors a little fragile , or maybe I need to fly higher :frowning:
Just wondering if anyone had tried any others :slight_smile:

Xnova motors seem to be well made from what i have seen, but the current draw might be abit high, as apparently despite the title these motors have a 2205 stator. You could also look at tmotor F40? They have abit lower current draw so should work abit better perhaps. But i do think that tmotor make the vortex motors anyway.

Looking like I’ll upgrade the pdb to the v2 and then try the emax motors :slight_smile:

Thanks for yer help