Motor/esc specs ZMR250 KIT

Hi everybody, I recently bought the ZMR250 kit sold by unmannedtechshop, everything works great, easy to setup, no issues at all. I’m wondering if anyone got precise specs of the motors/esc provided in this kit. I would basically need the current drawn for multiples sizes of propellers to see if it can handle triblades 5x3x3 or more (for instance) with the same 12A escs. Can’t find this information anywhere which is I suppose due to the fact that these are “standard no name motors”.
Thanks for reading.


They are fairly generic no name motors so we dont have full motor test data for them, but they are 1806 2300Kv, but you could use 3 blade props with them but not with the 12A ESC. You will lneed to upgrade to 20A ESC. But if you are upgrading the ESC you might as well also upgrade motors to 2204 class motors as they will run much better than 1806 on 3 blade props as the 1806 with 3 blade will get quite hot, and given they are not the top of the range motors, the bearings will probably not last too long under that load.