Unmanned tech aftersales

Ive brought a emax f4 aio stack from unmanned tech and the xm+ will not bind am the buzzer sounds like it is underwater water what’s wrong anyone ???

Can betaflight see the xm+ ?

What LEDs are showing on the xm+

what are you trying to bind the xm+ too?

have you taken the sticker off the top of the buzzer?

Not seen on betaflight
Buzzer had no sticker on it from the box
Red led on xm+
And connecting to qx7s

how are you powering the xm+ ?
Have you tried flashing it?

can you post a picture of the stack showing the RX

Powering from stack will take pic when get home mate thankyou i would not know how to flash the reciver

Sounds like your taranis has EU LBT firmware, and I know the magnum stacks from emax have the international firmware on the XM+ receivers.

So my suggestion would be to flash teh EU firmware onto the XM+ receiver on the magnum stack… A helpful video that shows you how to do it is here.

Also if you have any other issues it helps alot if you can provide as much information as possible including photos/video and how the issue can be reproduced so one of us can try recreate the problem.

For the buzzer issue, can you confirm it still sounds funny when you arm the quad and try to fly it… as I know sometimes when connected to betaflight the buzzer can sound weird, particularly if its powered via USB.