Qx7 making strange sounds

So my drone wasn’t binding to my qx7 so I updated the firmware in the qx7 and now every time I power it off the power button flashes green and it makes a repeated sound in sync with the green flashing light HELP me someone please

it would help if you continue with the same thread so we can see the progression.
after you updated firmware were you able to bind your receiver (you didnt say in last post).
Ive know idea on the power button fault as have x9d.

Ok sorry I am new here

No I still couldn’t bind it I also went to betafloght 4.1 on the drone and nothing!!!?

forget betaflight at the moment just concentrate on binding receiver.
double check latest firmware on X7. the latest firmware should sort light fault.
this version 190905 here Taranis Q X7S - FrSky - Lets you set the limits
1.Fix the issue about LED flashing when powering on .
2. Update to opentx v2.3.0.
Including .bin and .dfu files.
Including EU and NonEu files.
i allways put firmware on sc card then update (carnt get on with companion).
you dont say what reciever you are using but make sure you use the same firmware and that the X7 is in the correct mode eg; D16 D8 or whatever.

above is assuming you’ve not got the Access X7

First, as long as the drone can continue to fly, there is no problem. Second, if you’re really afraid of something wrong with it in flight, you first remove its drone battery and spiral wing, and then connect the controller to test what went wrong.