Help with binding QX7 Taranis

Hi so I have the Taranis QX7 and I updated the firmware to OpenTX 2.3.7. I am trying to bind my drone that uses a Tx5258 transmitter but it won’t connect. I am holding the bind button when I plug the battery in and give it like 20 seconds before giving up. I don’t know what to do, I’m using the internal RF on the D8 mode.

My wiring is as follows:

T5258 Trasmitter-

DC7-24V to VCC

Ground to Ground

Video to VID

Ground to Ground

Smart Audio to TX3

Matek 40CH Video Transmitter-

Positive to VCC

Ground to Ground

Video to TX3


5V to 5V

Ground to Ground

Cam to CAM

The camera video feed works but for some reason no matter what I do I cannot get it to bind to my Taranis QX7

What you said in post makes no sense what so ever, it sound like you are trying to bind the QX7 to the vid transmitter which i assume you are not. you didnt say what frsky receiver you are using.
if it was working before you will need to either.
Update firmware on receiver.
Make sure you updated correct firmware on QX7.
Go back to old firmware.
All faults relating to no bind on Frsky are mismatched firmware issues.