Taranis QX7 problems

Help!!! my Taranis QX7 will not bind to my X4R frsky receiver what can I do

I downloaded some furmwear for the xjt module and wrighten it to my radio and it didnt work so I did a factory reset on my radio and redid the furmwear updata to the new opentx 2.2.2 and now my radio will not bind to any receiver that I have what can I do

Did you turn on the Receiver while holding the Bind Button?
Could you tell us how you went through the binding process? Maybe you did something wrong there :thinking:
Did you set the correct Receiver Options in your taranis? (D16)
I never had Problems with this Order:
Putting the Receiver into bind mode:
Enabled the Bind Function of the Radio (about 5 sek)
Disable the Bind Function
Turn off the Receiver.

your soooooo far behind… were working on this on the discord server

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Just saw it :smiley:
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