Desperately need assistance binding taranis qx7 accst with tinyhawk freestyle please help

I am new to fpv and hobby grade rc drones I’m used to DJI that said , I am stuck can’t bind my taranis qx7 accst , to my tinyhawk freestyle or my tinyhawk2 , i have no experience with open tx , betaflight , or binding transmitters . I have been at this for almost a week and made no progress , about to give up from the frustration but I spent over 1000$ now on drones flysight goggles diversity reciever module quads and transmitter with accessories I probably don’t need but bought to be safe , can any please help me I can’t find help anywhere???

assume you have this receiver fitted?
Receiver: EMAX SPI Receiver (Compatible with FrSky D8 mode)
Not a lot of info above please next time give as much info as possible
make sure you have the radio in D8 mode, if you dont have that option i think some firmware options dont have D8 .
First check you are in D8 mode

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