FYI: XM+ Firmware Upgrade for EU/UK Folk: Be Aware of this!

So the EMAX Hawk 5 comes with the international firmware on the built-in Frsky XM+. This doesn’t typically work with your EU Taranis transmitter (lots of articles on this - go Google :slight_smile: )
When upgrading the firmware; something to be aware of - use the XM+LBT170313-RSSI16.frk and not the XM+LBT170313.frk or otherwise, like me, you’ll be scratching your head as to why you aren’t getting RSSI on your OSD!

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Thanks for letting us know. Another tip, is that you need to rename the .frk file to be less than 8 characters long if you are updating from the taranis menus directly. Otherwise you will not be able to select it on your taranis.

(correct me if I am wrong as I have not been using an OpenTX radio for about 6 months now)

Copied the files directly to the SD card (USB doesn’t work on back of my Taranis) and then re-inserted. Clicking on the files (over 8 chars) worked fine :slight_smile: