Binding Frsky XM+ to Taranis

Hey, I am trying and failing to bind my xm plus to my taranis x9d.
I know about the FCC/LBT firmware and have tried flashing with both and still get two solid green and red lights.
My Taranis is on 2.1.9 and i’ve set it to D16 and CH1-16!

Sorrry about the delays in getting back to you about this, not sure how this thread fell through the cracks, but if you dont have a solution by now here is the reason:

If you get a solid red and green light during bind, it means that the firmware on your reciever is not compatible with that on your radio. With teh firmware both the receiver and radio need to run either EU-LBT firmware, or non EU (international firmware) This applies to the taranis firmware (openTX), and the XJT firmware on your radio TX module and the receiver. They all need to be the same.

All the Frsky stuff we sell has the EU LBT firmware (as we are located within the EU) but other sellers sometimes sell non-eu firmware, but it is easy enough to change yourself:

Thanks for replying guys! Yeah I’ve read all those posts but if I put the EU firmware on my standard taranis it causes it too crash.

Are you flashing both the openTX firmware and the XJT EU firmware onto your taranis. when flashing the openTX firmware you also need ot make sure to select the EU checkbox:

I got it too work!!! Thank you so much, its’s taken me months to get this sorted! Guess no one had the taranis standard model.

Can you please five me instructions on how to get this working I have the same problem.

The article with the instructions is above. The key is to get both the reciever and radio on the same firmware. You can download the Xm plus firmware from the frsky website and get the taranis firmware from opentx just make sure you check the EU box.
Project blue falcon on YouTube has got some good videos on flashing firmware

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Thanks for the reply i just figured it out. Guess the firmware on my transmitter was different.

Yeah it’s a real pain! Wish frsky just stuck to one firmware…

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After various attempts with this same problem i opted to keep my Taranis plus on international firmware(D8) and bought a XJT module with EU firmware.(D16) And to my dismay still wont bind with my Furibee X215 pro.
Didn’t want to flash my Taranis with EU firmware as i have a Lizard and Tiny Whoop on D8.
All advice welcome in advance

Pretty sure if you’ve already got it on D8 it will stay on D8 even if you upgrade it.

Frsky engineers have confirmed to us that if you want to change between EU and International firmware you can, there are no locks on the receivers… at least for receivers they produced sinec 2017

They can’t. The EU has some funky regulations that prohibit things the rest of the world firmware supports.

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The legality of what firmware you use is another story, and if you are in the EU, then yes you need to use the EU firmware… but I was just saying that Frsky have not locked the firmware to one or the other… at least this was the case for some units we upgraded the firmware on a couple months ago.

Are you saying that there are EU regulations that force manufacturers from preventing firmware changes?


What I’m saying is FrSky has 2 different firmware versions because the EU has electronic communications/transmission restrictions that do not apply globally, and if FrSky were to unilaterally impose those restrictions on everyone, I for one would be royally pissed off.

What FrSky does is they flash EU firmware onto units going to the EU so they can get past Customs. What happens after those units are sold is on the customer…

And finally, even though I never mentioned it, “locking” firmware onto units going to customers in the EU so they cannot be “upgraded” makes no financial sense at all.

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Hey guys. How did you get it to work because I can’t. I tried flashing EU en international on my Taranis but both can’t bind to xm+ receiver. I can’t flash my receiver because I have no way to connect it to my Taranis. Is it possible to get these 2 to bind without flashing the receiver?

It could be that your xm+ Rx is faulty. However, you just need to wire the smart port connector to the lback of your Taranis to flash the firmware. We have a post on here on how to do that

Yeah I flashed the receiver by soldering it very lightly to my Taranis but somehow it messed up my usb connection on my Taranis I think because my computers don’t recognize it anymore in opentx or simulators.

Hi Clifton, Help!!! or any information regarding the QX7, made in China and it came from their Belgium warehouse, but it is not an EU LBT transmitter version, is it illegal to sell/use a non-LBT transmitters in a EU Country? and can you tell me when this law was introduced? I’d be interested to hear any opinions. Cheers :thinking:

I’m not an international lawyer, I’m just a RC hobbyist. If you are required by your county’s wireless communications laws to use only RC transmitters that Listen Before Talking (LBT), then you must flash the RADIO and RECEIVER with LBT firmware.

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