How to flash firmware onto your XJT module using a Taranis

This guide will show you how to easily flash either EU LBT, or International Frsky firmware onto your XJT module, Detailed Pictures are included.

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I am having trouble with a new XJT module. I bought it for my Turnigy 9XR, which used to work fine with a DJT module before. The module came with EU firmware and I had two XM+ RX - an EU one and an international one. I used my son’s Taranis to flash the international one successfully, but I cannot bind either of the two. I then thought that there might be problems with the radio firmware or the XJT firmware and tried to update those - none of it works. Trying to flash the XJT module with Taranis Q X7 did not work, trying to update the radio software with Eepe did not work either as the radio does not want to talk to the computer. Was I just unlucky with those XM+? Some people seem to have trouble with them… I really don’t know how to continue to solve this…

I know that if you are running different versions of EU LBT firmware they dont always work together so my suggestion is to try flash the latest EU LBT firmware on both your XJT and XM+ RX and then it should work.

As for your radio not talking with your PC, is this teh taranis X9D or the QX7? Either way if you go to teh device manager when they are plugged in do you see any device listed in the device manager for them as it could be a driver issue on your pc?

Finally it could just be that one of your XM+ is bad, or went bad during the firmware update :boom:

Thanks a lot for the fast reply! I will try to flash the same FW versions on XJT and XM+. In the meantime I found that my programmer might be the problem of the radio not talking to the PC, so I will try to fix that issue by removing a resistor array from the programmer.

Now I just need to find out why I cannot flash the XJT module’s FW with the Taranis Q X7. I get an error that the external device is not found…