Tyrant 215S Flight controller defaulting to Spectrum won't accept SBUS

I have flown this quad a few times without issue but as a beginner wanted angle mode so today I turned on the accelerometer and saved. This may or may not have anything to do with the problem I now have. For some reason the board has defaulted to spectrum and I am using Frsky SBUS. I have changed this and saved but when I go into servos there is a brief flash of recognition, all the bars have colour and then they go blank, sometimes I get one bar on Aux 1 but that is not resposive to the Tx. The quad connects to Betaflight OK and everthing otherwise seems ok,the motors run up on test. The receiver is bound, in fact I have tried another and changed the connection lead. Each time the quad is disconnected and re-connected we are back to Spektrum so my changes are not saving. I am reluctant to re flash the board as I understand that this can void any warranty.
Any ideas?

Please also realize that if you flash you will also have to download (over write) your factory default settings in addition to binding your drone with the transmitter. While not hard to accomplish, this just adds to the areas where you can get something wrong bricking the copter. carefully read and familiarize yourself with each of these processes before you flash your bird.

Thank you for your comment and advice. I was under the impression that if I did not do a full chip erase that the quad settings should remain in place albeit I know that could go wrong. Is that correct. I can back up beforehand anyway. I am not quite sure what you mean by binding the drone to the transmitter, unless you are referring to the receiver binding process or servo calibration? I am inclined to buy a replacement board for the sake of 24 quid and hope that solves the problem. I have several quads flying on this transmitter/receiver set up with no issue.

Have you set the receiver to TAER in the receiver tab, and set a UART in the ports tab to serial?

Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes I had done both of those things and switched serial ports just to make sure. I also re flashed the firmware with the same version. The new Flight controller was exactly the same and so it had to be a setting so I returned the settings to default in Betaflight and lo and behold problem solved. Comparing CLI dumps before and after it seems that somehow all the receiver settings had been reset to Zero. Mid, max, min in the receiver tab and rx min and max in the failsafe tab. I had not picked this up. Hence why the receiver coloured bars flashed on briefly and then went off. I reset these manually on the old controller and that too is now working. Still can’t work out how it happened though. But it is now flying again.

I had this happen to mine but now for whatever reason channels are up and working but like I had menitioned in other posts, I get a 1 sec input delay to the channels.?? It was like that out of the box, and updated to new firmware , still the same…I’m asking everyone what could be causing this and nothing is working. I have all the correct settings, UART 3 is Rx UART 1 and 2 enabled …but yet I get this horrible delay which makes it un flyable. Its a paper weight right now and Banggood is giving me a tought time and only offering 30 dollar refund after I pay 154.00 CAD for it…If ANyone has any idea what might be going on will be much appreciated…Many thanks…

Paul I have the same Aurora 90, I did exactly what everyone does, flashed firmware, added the settings, but I still get a 1-2 second delay on all channels.Do you think I should reset the PIDs, I believe they are factory, but I wiped the FC when I flashed with newer sofware, SO I don’t know why I’m gettig this delay, done everytihing imaginable. I have the Q7 Taranis and receiver bound nicely except for the delay, so its not flyable at all this way…Thank

Have you tried setting the D16 on the taranis to less channels? I think if you reduce D16 to 8 channels instead of the factory setting it reduces the latency. Look on youtube if you are unsure. Is your taranis running the latest tx software?

Its a D8 receiver, so I have to run it on that setting. If I choose D16, it won’t work…Yes I’ve updated the Taranis firmware, to Non EU, its presently running International …I wonder if its a EU receiver but if that was the case, I should be able to bind…Could it be a FC issue instead… thanks

Just a thought, is the receiver powered from the fc or pdb? If from pdb I would change that to the fc.

From FC, I was checking that as well, here is choice of 3v or 5v and it comes standard on 3v …

Are you actually getting 3v? I always run 5v on my frsky receiver. Also what is the rssi strength. You might need to fly it and get the black box data off, if it has black box facility! You can interrogate everything there. If you have one of those integrated pdb , it could be that, I had one quad with that type of pdb and I had to connect the signal wires direct to fc from the motors and bypass the pdb. Fiddly job but was the root to all my problems.

I think you are correct…I don’t know if its running 3V…I am total newbie at this, so I it will take sometime to figure this out. From my understanding from others with Aurora 90 is to un check blac box. RSSI is good over 100…on my transmitter…I keep geting loss of RSSI , then connnect even at a good 2-3 meters away. I also sometimes unable to arm …Uniquely when moving the sticks, it jumps from low level to high …I’ve calibrated my sticks, so the receiver is getting scrambled message for sure…I guess I have myself a little project .thans