Trick to boost lipo batteries?



I found this on a fb group. Is this a good trick for Yuneec Q500 batteries?


I’m am not sure how that will help, I guess by doing that it’s a hack to get all the cells to balance properly, but it you are using a half decent lipo balance charger from the start this will not be needed? What do you think?


I think this post’er is thinking of NiMh or NiCd packs where they have to be cycled occasionally to keep them ‘conditioned’ and able to deliver power quickly, a bit like making a 10C LiPo into a 30C
As Alex @unmannedtech1 has said in last post a modern charger will balance cells easier and LiPo’s do not need ‘conditioning’

This takes me back 35 years to when I raced 1/10th electric cars at GEC Stychfields, one of the top clubs in those days. lot of water under the bridge since then :smile: :laughing:

Steve :slight_smile:


Lipo battery should always keep its power at least 20%, so you need often charge your lipo, and avoid over discharge(discharge over 80%). Use the right way to charge your lipo(official charger or some other good charger). I think these are enough.