Yuneec Q500 batteries

To what voltage should I charge/discharge the Yuneec Q500 batteries for storage?
it’s a lipo battery of 5400 mAh 3s/11.1V (59.9Wh)

Usually you want to store the lipo at about 50-60% charge so you want your battery to be about 3.4-3.6v per cell, or around 10.5V in total if you plan to store it for more than a few weeks.

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but 10.4V is usually the voltage the Q500 complains of low battery and wants to land. Perhaps it needs to be calculated different?

How do you program the IMAX B6 to charge the Yuneec Q500 batteries? Even just to charge it says wrong number of cells, and won’t charge. So I guess I have to program it for charge, fast charge, discharge and storage.

The manual hould tell you how as I cant remember exactly, but to charge it I suggest you select the Lipo balance program, and once there you need to tell the charger how many cells your battery has (3S in your case) and then the charging rate. In most cases its best to charge at 1C, so for the yuneec battery this will be 5.4A.

I have a basic guide which covers the basics you need to know about charging batteries you might want to read:

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So I did that, set the LiPo program to 3S, 5.4A so it says 11.1V, but when I try to start it says:
I only plugged the battery with the wiring that comes from the Yuneec original charger. Do I also need red and black wires on the side? I bought this IMAX B6 on eBay naked without any accessory because it was out of stock on your store when I decided to buy it.

What cables to I need to charge the Yuneec Q500’s battery using a IMAX B6 mini?

You need to connect both the balance plugs and the two main power plugs on your battery.

I believe the Q500 uses EC3 pins on the battery so you might need to make yourself an adapter and then you also need to plug in the balance pins too.

Right I need that black and red cable