Lipo balance charger 80 watt for charging 4s lippo battery

Imax b6 lipro balance charger 80watt to charge 4 s lipo battery 14.8 volte. which adapter should I select to give input for charger specify please adapter specification which was suitable to charge the 4 s lippo battery

For a mains adaptor, anything between 12v and 18v DC output capable of giving at least 5Amps
I use a Toshiba laptop supply and it works great.
I tried a Lenovo laptop supply but this puts out 20v and the B6 charger rejects it.

Take care when changing the little plug that goes into the B6, the positive needs to go on the centre contact

A 12v car battery works good for a 4S, the B6 ups the voltage from 12v to suit the 4 cell pack

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Thnx sir for help
It doesnt matter that the charger may 80 watt or 60 watt can I check with car battery with 12 volte

Generally the watt values is just a measure of how fast it can charge your lipo… check out our lipo charger guide for more info on that

If you read the section on power output it explains what the Watt measure is and how it affects charging.

Yes sir I read the whole artical it is helpfull thnx sir…

So that I have used imax b6 charger 80 watt so please sir sujjest adapter rating for me,which adapter should I use for better performance for 4 s lippo battery charging