Battery charger Compatiability


I’m new to the Drone game and is looking to batteries.

Ive bought a Multistar 4S LiPo (Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking) and am hoping to charge with a Equilibirum Mini v2 (

Can anybody confirm this would work and also what to look out for? As far as I can see it supports LiPo and 4S so should be fine?

Any help hugely appreciated.

Thank you

That charger should be fine just remember to charge on 1c (1amp) and set it to lipo before plugging battery in and charge all batteries with caution (preferably in a lipo bag)
Hope this helps

Thanks perry

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Can I just ask, why do we set the charger to 1c? Would that not be the slowest way to charge it?

Not doubting your knowledge, just trying to learn!

Thank you again.


Hi Ben

The reason for charging at 1c is when your battery is new it contains some chemicals to keep the battery in a stored state.

Charging and discharging at a low rate is best to help the chemicals break down in first 3/5 cycles. Charging at 1c will also help with the life of the battery and it will last a little longer when flying(discharging).

You can charge your battery at a higher rating as long as your battery is safe to do so but I have always charged my lipos at 1c .

There is a better write up on here with more information that will help you.

Thanks perry

In this case 1C = 5.2Am not 1A - the capacity of the battery. e.g. a battery with a capacity of 25mA would be unlikely to be charged at 1A = 40C

“contains some chemicals to keep the battery in a stored state” This is new to me, do you have a source for this?. I know that LiPo have a preferred storage voltage - most chargers have a setting for this.

Personally I always charge well below 1C, usually at about 1/4C, although I know that many people charge at rates higher than 1C.

1C is 1x the capacity of the battery i.e
5000ma =5c = 5amps
5200ma= 5.2c = 5.2amps
0.25ma =0.25c =0.25amps this would need to be charged at 0.25a so you would need a charger that charges with a rate of 0.25c (0.25amps)

When charging go with a C rate that’s lower than your battery (it may take longer but is safer)

I’ll see if can find some info on the chemicals

Hope this helps Thanks perry