LiPro Balance Charger Genuine


I kid you not with this one…lol Imax B6 charger, i ordered it from the land of the rinsing Sun, well so i thought, it said it was a genuine one, code is on the back and its been confirmed from, in the mean time while i was waiting for my QX7 to arrive, i ordered FrSHY ni-MH battery pact AA2000maH 7.2V, everything came intacted…lol so i thought i’ll charge this battery pack up, i thought i’ll test it with my digital multi-meter first and it read 7.92 v, great so i thought…lol when i connected it up to the balance charger, it read 7.74 err :thinking: i had to re-calibrate this so called Genuine charger, as anybody else had the same problem? with this pile of crap :roll_eyes:


Its not crap. Mine was the same way.


Hi Clifton, thanks for your reply…
Really :astonished: so you to had to re-calibrate yours to Clifton, i would of thought that it would have been tested/calibrated at the factory where it was made or assembled, on the underneath it has a QC pass sticker on it too, how much did you have to re-calibrate yours then Clifton?..


is there a good way to use solar to charge li-po batteries


I don’t think a solar charger would be able to put out enough amps to change more than 1 lipo at a time ( I could be wrong )

It would be better to use solar to charge another larger battery and then use that to power the lipo charger and charge lipos