Should I charge my Lipo?

Have a Lipo that hasn’t been uses for while (months) , it is showing 10.6ish volts for a 3S pack. Should I bin or should it be OK to charge?

First thing to check is to see if you lipo is puffy? If it is then I suggest you dispose of it and get a new battery as puffy batteries are an early sign of them becoming unstable. The puffy lipo is on the right.

The maximum voltage per lipo cell is 4.2, and the minimum voltage is 3v, so you are within this range overall but it is cutting ti abit close, so my suggestion would be to charge it at a very low C (as low as your charger will go) and make sure its placed away from anything flammable and keep an eye on it while it is charging.

Also in general its not a good idea to store lipos for long periods at minimum or maximum voltages as it messes up the cell chemistry so you might find this battery does not last as long as it used too.

Hope that helps