LiHV Lipo Batteries

My drivetrain is a 3s and I plan to use 3S LiHV batteries. But one question I’ve been having trouble figuring out is whether or not high-voltage batteries can cause damage to the powertrain. The voltage supported by the 3s powertrain is 11.1v, while the Maximum Voltage of the 3s LiHV seems to be 13.05v. I read this voltage figure from this article, and I don’t know if it’s credible.

I would say that is largely depends. Typically if you are passing a higher voltage through, you get more power but in turn it generates more heat that will ultimately reduce the lifespan of your equipment. However this depends on alot of things, as a HV system could last longer than a non HV system as it depends how hard you push it each time…

The only thing to watch out for is if your system does not use very highly specs parts, so if it says max voltage is like 12.6V, then definitely dont try use a HV system. To me the biggest thing to care about is to look after your HV batteries, as HV cells typically have a much lower lifespan than non HV cells.