Lipo puffy need advice

Hi everyone. Just looking for some opinions on my lipo here. Never really had these before so just want to see if anyone is thinking the same as me. I got some new tattu r line (HV) lipos and they are the same size etc as my other 1550mah non HV batteries however my non HV battery seems a little rounded … Is this the dreaded puffing or is it normal for our abused lipos to swell slightly. I’m usually careful at not discharging them too much while flying but this one seems a little bloated compared to the brand new ones … Check the pictures and see

Your LiPo looks fine to me…
They may get a bit bigger but thats no Problem at all.
If the performance of the Lipo starts to get less or if the resistance while charging is getting much lower i would be careful.
However i dont think that a slightly bigger LiPo is dangerous.

Luca :slight_smile:

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