Tired of waiting for the 3DR Solo? Ever considered building a Sirus?

Jimmy Oliver, a fellow drone pilot was hoping to wind a 3DR Solo quadcoper in a giveaway, however after months of waiting he started to get impatient… this is what he came up with…

What Jimmy did, was take his old 3DR IRIS quadcopter and attempted to turn it into his own version of the solo using his 3D printer. Sure its not exactly the same as the solo but still a great project to turn the solo into something unique.

The sirus still uses the same IRIS internals (pixhawk) and motors but a newer GPS module was included and mounted on a mast to get better reception. He uses a Ublox 7N (the same module that is used on the solo) to get better GPS position information.

New arms where designed and printed on his 3D printer. The front arms are a little shorter and the rear arms where swept backwards to allow them to fit 10 inch propeller.

The sirus also features detachable legs and still uses the same T-2D gimbal but it has been moved forward to make sure none of the propellers are int he view of the camera.

A great example of DIY drone building, and using the gear you have to create something unique :slight_smile: