The 3DR Solo will soon have integrated parachute support

At CES 2016 3DR did not have any major announcements, but they did talk about a couple of new features and accessories for the 3DR Solo. The most notable accessory will be a reusable parachute add on which will deploy automatically if the solo detects that it is loosing altitude at an unsafe speed. The parachute adds an extra 250g to your quadcopter which means that the flight time will be reduced by 2-3 minutes. However that reduction in flight time is definitely worth it when considering that it could save you the cost of the drone and camera should something fail.

The other cool integration is the Kodak 360 degree camera which you can mount on the top and bottom of your solo to capture aerial 360 degree videos. However I fail to see how this is a notable add on since you can easily just add it to just about any quadcopter.