New features for 3DR Solo - multipoint cable cam and follow free look

At CES 2016 3D robotics have announced some new features released for the 3DR Solo drone. This is great to see that 3DR are listening to the users, and stepping the game up to keep the solo as the worlds smartest drone for aerial filming :thumbsup:. The two new features should help capture even better hollywood style footage from the solo quadcopter.

Multipoint cable cam

The original cable cam fight mode was great, but now 3DR have added multiple points allowing you to set keyframes at various points along a route and while flying that rote you can turn to face whatever direction you want to capture amassing smooth shots. The great thing about this is the solo will automatically create smooth flight paths between the points using spline curves making sure the video is smooth as your drone moves along its path.

In addition the cable cam shots will be saved in the app, allowing you to visit the same place again later to fly the exact same route which can be very cool. For one I can think of fling a cool route in the four seasons of a year to get a cool perspective as the season changes.

Follow me with Free Look

The original follow me mode as very usefull if you wanted to film yourself to get a cool dronie shot. But now the follow me with free look mode means that you can manually control the camera to look at other things while the solo drone still follows you. Its similar to the control of a camera boom at the back of truck.

These new flight modes will make getting professional looking shots that much easier and are not found on any other consumer quadcopter drone.