3DR Solo + Site Scan = the most useful drone for work

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</p><p>If you use drones for work, the new site scan release from 3DR is a compelling reason to make the <a href="http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/3dr-solo-quadcopter/?ref=blog.unmanned.tech">3DR solo</a> the most versatile quadcopter drone. <a href="https://3dr.com/3dr-launches-site-scan-enterprise-solo-drone/?ref=blog.unmanned.tech">Site scan</a> is an enterprise solution which lets you use your solo drone for inspection, mapping or survey work. The cloud connected software suite will upload images from our drone from he air and process the data in the cloud. If its a map, or a 3D model, the entire workflow will be automated and fully integrated with AutoDesk products. Assuming this all works as advertised.. time will tell!</p>

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