Drones that work with Mission Planner

We are looking for a small drone to undertake some mapping work.
We are looking at Solo and Walker QR Voyager 3. We need them to work with mission planner. I know about Site Scan but we use Micro-station not AutoDesk. So the question is simple will either of these work?
If not what will?

Best would be to use the 3DR Solo, there are a bunch of other apps such as pix4D, dronemapper, dronedeploy, propeller etc… which can all work with the Solo drone to process the aerial images. But the Solo works with mission planner on your PC, or the tower android app to plan mapping survey missions if you already have post processing software. The Solo is also a great platform as it allows you to change the camera, and I also know 3DR will be releasing some new camera options for the Solo soon.

I would stay away from using the voyager 3 for now as walkera use custom version of the arducopter software and I think they actually made it worst and do not update it fast enough.