DJI Phantom 3 - with 4K camera and Lightbridge

Today DJI has announced the new DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter which is released in two flavours, the Phantom 3 Advanced, and the Phantom 3 Professional

With the previous DJI Phantom releases, DJI have usually have one version in each phantom series as the budget option with no integrated camera, but today there was no mention of this as the naming of the phantom 3 Pro and Advanced leaves some scope for a camera-less version so you can use other third party gimbals or cameras such as a gopro.

Apart from the new fancy 4K camera the other neat features (inherited from the DJI Inspire) include a indoor optic flow sensor for indoor flight, and a new GPS receiver that supports GLONASS like the new walkera drones. But my favourite feature is the integrated of the DJI lightbridge system built into the DJI phantom 3 allowing you to stream 720p video back home to your android or IOS device.

In terms of the 4K camera, some thought has gone into this, with a f/2.8 shooter now has a 94-degree fixed field of view which is narrower than the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + which means your videos and pictures will not be distorted with the fish eye effect. Furthermore the narrow field of view means that you are less likely to get any props or legs in the video when banking at extreme angles. Also you have more control over the camera allowing you to adjust things like ISO, Exposure, shutter speed and color filters etc…

Lastly here is the promo video. How do you think this will compare to the upcoming 3DR Solo quadcopter?

What is the difference between the Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Professional

The main difference is the camera, the Phantom 3 Advanced ships with a full HD camera, but the Phantom 3 Professional comes with a 4K camera. The other minor things is that the professional includes an upgraded battery charger (100W vs 57W) which means you can charge your battery much faster with the professional version. The price difference is £260 for the upgraded camera and charger. Other than that, both systems will have the vision based position hold system for indoor flight, and both will have teh DJI Lightbridge HD streaming system built in.

Now that the product has been released here are some more details about what it has to offer