DJI Phantom 3 Standard - possibly the best beginner aerial photography drone?



On Wednesday, DJI announced that the Phantom 3 Standard will be joining the phantom 3 family. The aim of the P3 Standard is to make it the ideal platform for first time drone platforms, blending the best in terms of functionality and cost. The P3 standard combines a powerful 12 megapixel camera, capable of shooting 2.7k ultraHD video mounted on the same super stable phantom 3 , three axis brushless gimbal. Combine this with a 25 minute flight time and price of less than £649 makes the phantom 3 standard a very good option of first time drone pilots, and those looking for an awesome but affordable camera platform!

The only thing that the phantom 3 professional and advanced have extra to this is a slightly better camera (professional version) and DJI lightbridge for longer range video link. The P3 Standard uses a wifi video link similar to that included with the Phantom Vision 2+, but now it is built into the remote.

Some of you might be comparing this to something like the 3DR solo, which although is considerably more expensive and does not include a camera, has loads of cool features to make shooting movies much easier such as follow me, or cable cam modes, not to mention waypoint navigation. However the good news is that DJI are stepping the game up and have promised that they will soon release more advanced shooting modes such as point of interest, follow me and waypoints for the Phantom 3 drone platform! :clap: about time!

So at the end of the day, if you consider the quality of the gimbal, and the price for an all in one drone platform with everything you need (including batteries :wink: ) the phantom 3 family of drones will meet everyone’s needs for shooting awesome aerial videos and photos. And with the addition of waypoints I can see the Phantom 3 attracting the attention of some more professional drone pilots who can use it for mapping or other survey work.

Find out more about Phantom 3 Standard here