Latest DJI Phantom3


Do you stock the new Phantom 3 with 4K camera, please?

Yes we have stock of all 3 phantom 3 drones, the standard, advanced and 4K Professional.

We will also get the new Phantom 4 drone with obstacle avoidance, but it will only be released in April.

I understood that the next DJI would include automatic keeping of caa rules re height and distance. The website was referring to phantom 3. What do you know of this please? Is it in new April phantom 4 or an even further away phantom 3 (note that the other site also talked about the phantom 3 having a 4K camera)

DJI does have some settings by default that will not let you fly over 400ft, but you can disable these settings if you want. They do however have some no fly zones so if you are too close to an airport it will not let you take off.

As for the phantom 4, the professional model does include a 4K camera. The camera sensor on both the phantom 3 Pro and phantom 4 are actually exactly the same. Its just that the phantom 4 has changed the lens to a newer one so technically can take better videos/pictures but I am sure if watching them on youtube you will not be able to tell the difference.