DJI phantom 4 first look video

After its announcement today tested have already got a great overview video published on YouTube covering all the details you need to know about from a real use case of the DJI Phantom 4

It’s late here and still got a bit of work to do so will get more details about when we will have them in our shop within a few days.

Update: - The listing is now live so check out the Phantom 4

What do you guys think if it? I like the visual object tracking as that will be super useful for videography. And although the obstacle avoidance is a neat feature, its kind of silly that it’s only forward facing. All the crashes I have seen have always occurred when flying backwards/sideways as you don’t have a camera looking ahead. When you fly forward you can see obstacles from the video feed. Would of made more sense to just have a 360 gimbal so the phantom 4 would always fly forward so the obstacle avoidance cameras would work when you are not looking ahead.