New product announcements from 3DR - Solo quadcopter

Its shaping to be a big couple of days with both 3D robotics and DJI making new product announcements.

We have been waiting to hear what new products DJI are due to announce tomorrow at the DJI Evolve Event (Update- DJI have now announced the Phantom 3 Quadcopter), but 3D Robotics have just beat them, with a teaser video of a new quadcopter. The new 3D robotics quadcopter will probably be more integrated and even easier to use than previous versions based on the title of the video (new aerial age), so its more aimed at the general consumer rather than the DIY Drone hobbyist (do you feel this is good or bad?). But from what it looks like, it seem rather cool, and they have also followed the all black design similar to the Zero Tech Explorer Drone

More details of the new 3DR drone will be released next week so stay tuned. But all we know for now is that it will probably be called the 3DR SOLO, probably to indicate that only one person will be needed to operate this quadcopter to shoot awesome aerial photos. 3DR also announced a partnership with Intel a couple of months back, so I am hoping to see some integration with something like the intel Edison for advanced tasks like object tracking :-).

For now here is the video from 3DR, showing that the new quadcopter should include a nice carry case, and a custom remote control :+1:

I will add more details of the 3DR and DJI product announcements once they have been released.

Here is the official press release for the 3DR Solo quadcopter, which will start at $999

We set out a year ago with the promise of not just creating the best drone, but the best overall aerial filmmaking experience imaginable. While this meant giving Solo smooth and powerful flight dynamics, it also demanded we make a smarter drone, one that could abstract users from flying so they can focus on getting great video. We know that what you really want is great shots. You want a professional tool that enables you to get those shots easily and consistently, right out of the box. Solo delivers on this promise: You get the shot, every time.

We’re proud to introduce you to Solo: The Smart Drone. Why is Solo smart? We’ve integrated 1 GHz computers in both the copter and the controller for the best and smoothest aerial photography experience imaginable, including many world-first technologies and a host of built-in safety and support features. Solo will be available in May, starting at $999.

The Controller

Solo is the world’s first drone to wirelessly deliver HD video from your GoPro® to your iOS or Android mobile device, at distances up to half a mile away. Solo’s controller has an HDMI output for live HD broadcast—to FPV goggles, high-quality field monitors, Jumbotrons at live sports events, even news vans—and with a staggeringly low video latency your live video is immediate and fluid for an “in-the-moment” feel. For instant social sharing of your aerial videos, you can even record the live video stream directly from the mobile app to your device’s camera roll. And this is just the beginning; check out below to see all of the Controller’s features

Introducing Smart Shots

Solo’s intelligence unlocks powerful and one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shots (patent pending). Just set up the exact shot you want in real time, then tap “play” on the app and Solo will execute it with a level of precision and a soft touch that even seasoned cinema pilots can’t match. And with a list of Smart Shots to choose from, the perfect shot is always just a few taps away. Cable cam and Orbit allow you to create a known and safe flight path along a virtual track in space, freeing you to shift your focus to getting the shot you want; or simply hit “play” and let Solo fly itself while simultaneously working the camera for you, as smooth and even as an expert cameraman. Follow mode lets you go completely hands-free, while Solo keeps up with your every move. Solo also features a one-touch aerial Selfie for a dramatic and customizable establishing Smart Shot of you and your surroundings. It’s all in service of Solo’s guiding principle: Get the shot. Every time.

The Solo Gimbal

We worked closely with GoPro®, the world’s most popular action camera company, to make the first gimbal capable of fully controlling the GoPro. Solo gives you the exclusive ability to start and stop recording video while in flight, which means that when it comes time to edit you have a reel of “fat free” GoPro footage and no longer have to deal with huge, cumbersome file sizes. You can also snap photos, change FOV, FPS and exposure compensation and much more—through Solo’s mobile app at long range, or dedicated buttons on the controller. The 3-axis Solo Gimbal stabilizes the camera to within 0.1 degrees of pointing accuracy and powers the GoPro the whole time so the camera’s battery won’t die midflight. Combine with Solo’s controller and get fine-grain tilt control, including angle presets and instant speed adjustment; or you can just hit “play” on the mobile app and let Solo’s computer fully control the gimbal for the perfect shot. The Solo Gimbal delivers all of these advanced capabilities while providing a painless and tool-free method of installing and removing the GoPro. We even include The Frame by GoPro installed with Solo, so you can easily snap in your GoPro and get a live HD video feed out of the box, without a gimbal.

Availability of the 3DR Solo Quadcopter

We will sell the 3DR solo quadcopter from our shop, and will soon open up pre-orders. Shipments should go out starting in May.