Telemetry A/V via FrSKY X8R + Taranis X9D plus

The question is given the configuration above, is it possible to use that to transfer A/V? If so how? WiFi seems to be very limited I guess.

Hi, unfortunately it will not be possible as video requires a significant amount of bandwidth and I am fairy certain that the X8R/taranis system cannot handle video signals. I dont know the intricate details of A/V video systems design so cant comment but I think its safe to say its not possible. If anything it will be easier to integrate the R/C signals into an A/V signal, but since its an analogue signal distortions can cause a problem with the R/C signals which is why all R/C systems are digital now.

As for wifi, its possible to use that for long range FPV video with the correct long range wifi units and high gain antennas. Standard wifi equipment is designed for indoor use and not realy good to use directly on drones.

But otherwise it would be awesome to have FPV and R/C control integrated into one small unit so I like your thinking :slight_smile:

Ok I see … Thanks for your answer, it was very helpful even though I didn’t like the fact there is no way to merge RC with FPV.

" I didn’t like the fact there is no way to merge RC with FPV."
Imagine : 2.4ghz can transmit vídeo. No problem.
Your RC works on 2.4ghz also for the radio signals. OK
Together (radio signal + RC controls) = disaster or bye bye plane.
FPV on 2.4ghs origin too much traffic
Better see the telemetry with vídeo in a 5.8ghz separated modules.
Would be nice to have it both in 2.4 but no chances and too risky.