RFD868x Long Range Telemetry Modem and FrSky Taranis X9D

I bought the RFD 868x Long Range Telemetry Modem Bundle but how do I attach this to my Taranis X9D. I’ve seen various 3D printed single antenna housings, but is there a housing for the Taranis that would accept the RFD868 modem and twin antennas?

Are you planning to use your Taranis radio to send r/c coands over the RFD radio? Or somyou simply want to mount the RFD modem to your Taranis?

Maybe I am out of the loop abit as I have been focused on fpv racing recently), but I don’t think it is possible to hook it up to your Taranis to send your stick inputs to the telemetry modem directly. You would need something to convert sbus/ppm to mavlink.

I’d like to use the Taranis to send r/c over the RFD radio; I have a specific long-range requirement.
I bought the RFD868x for its “professional” capabilities; should I have bought the FrSky R9/R9M (what’s the “M” difference?). https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/frsky-r9-868mhz-16ch-long-range-receiver-r9m-module-system/

You can technically use the rfd868 to send Rx commands, but you will need something to travel slate the frsky smart port protocol to mavlink that pixhawk uses.

One way to do this, is connect your Taranis to your laptop via usb, as then the pc recognises it as a usb joystick, then mission planner can recognise that to send the mavlink data to your drone via the RFD 868 modules :-).

That makes sense; I’ll give it a go!
Thank you.