Getting data and fpv video from a rover

Hello all,
This is probably a basic question for most of you experienced users of the Frsky units.
I am trying to get data back from a rover, I need the data to be separate so I can see it on a FPV video.
Is it possible to take motor encoder data from a motor and send it from the X8R receiver to the X9D transmitter?
Do I need a UART? SPI? I2C? etc
Final question.
How can I manipulate the data to view on a monitor?

Thanks and Merry Christmas

It is possible to do that using frsky gear using their telemetry protocol via a sensor hub. Easiest would be to just purchase something like there RPM sensor - RPM - FrSky - Lets you set the limits

And then you can view that data back on your Taranis screen… details on how to do this is in the manual

Thanks Alex.
I need to count RPM so I can calculate distance traveled.
This data has to be external of the telemetry so I can overlay it onto a video screen.
I have a FrSky GPS Sensor w/Smart Port (V2) which will tell me distance from the base but I am trying to get “Distance traveled” and be able to reset at any given point.


You can do that with the GPS unit… as you can get the distance between any two GPS measurements?

Not the most accurate, but neither is RPM since wheels can slip.

As for.decoding the data from frsky telemetry to use in calculations/display that is also entirely possible if you build and code your own Arduino based board (or similar)

Hello Alex,
I don’t think GPS will be of any use to me because the purpos of my crawler is for pipe inspection so all of my work will be under ground. That is why I was interested in counting RPMs. I think slippage will be minimal on wheels because I will only be doing 1-2 mph/hr. Also I was kinda hoping do do it with arduino or a processor. Just encoder --) count circuit --) serial data to Frsky receiver --) frsky transmitter --) output serial data --) OSD --) monitor.
Sounds easy. LOL

It should be entirely possible with just an Arduino and I imagine it would be possible to get the telemetry you require via frsky as it supports lua scripting. But all this will likely require you to code it all up yourself getting parts from other various projects on the internet.

Will be interested to see how you get on as it does sound like an interesting project, and I can always offer some advice/opinions if needed :slight_smile: