Streak F4 connection to ppm

I have wired up the receiver cables to ppm on the FC. Receiver is Flysky FS-IA6B this is bound to radio solid red light. On the radio i also have ppm turned on. When i connect to betaflight and select ppm then save and reboot on the transmitter tab i see no function from any of the sticks. Any help would be appreciated.

Currently the first version of the streak F4 does not support PPM even though there is a PPM pin (confusing i know) so for now you just need to use SBUS.

I can’t use SBUS on my Flysky FS-i6 :frowning: looks like i have a new £30 keyring!

I managed to borrow my friend trannis and receiver i setup and bound no problems but when i select RX-SERIAL and save and reboot it doesn’t save the setting??? Can you help with this issue?

Have you tried to save these settings via the CLI as from time to time cleanflight/betaflight seem to have the odd issue of not saving correctly. Also make sure you disable PPM first.

Also if you have not soldered the board (or just soldered pin headers) just send us an email as I am sure we can get the board replaced for you for a new verssion as our next batch will support PPM