Spf3 power led off

I have a problem! My drone was working fine for a week or so until I crashed it and one of the motor wires came loose. I soldered it back on and only 3 of the 4 motors were spinning. So I resoldered everything aigen and now none of them are working:(. I remapped the motors but still nothing worked and then I noticed that the power led wasn’t blinking only the status led was. Does this mean the board is broken?
Love to hear your thoughts:)

Could you provide us a picture of your connections?
Also please upload a Video that is showing the Quad while powered on.

May it been possible that something has shorted out?
Try to use hot-glue to secure small connections like that.
Can you still “edit” the Esc’s via BlHeli Suite?

Luca :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply’s! I’m currently on holiday which is why I’m even more bummed out that my drone is broken. I’m sure the escs are fine cause they do the first 3 beeps at the start meaning they’ve booted up it’s just the last to beeps that aren’t there. Forgot what that meant though. Something that I should probably do but have never done is „editing“ the escs kn blhelli Suite cause in the past I have never had the need to do so

The BlHeli Startup Tone menings:

My advice is to download the picture…
You will need it sometimes… :slight_smile:

Since your Esc’s arent detecting any Throttle signal my guess would be that there is something wrong with your Receiver :smile:
Once you are home, double check your wiring and configuration.

Luca :slight_smile:

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Sorry but I couldn’t help to notice that you love in Germany Hannover. Ich wohne in Hamburg!