SPF3 FC and R10D receiver

Hey all,

I am building a racer and have selected a SPF3 FC and a RadioLink AT10 transmitter… I am having troubles finding setup information for the FC and the R10D receiver. I found reference that says the R10D can be connected to any FC that uses the standards… sbus, ppm, pwm… anyone have any soil information for me? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

So, upon some more research, despite what I read other places, I would need to purchase a r9d or r6d receiver to use ppm or sbus… until now… they have a R10DS that has a sbus connection! Woot… on order, should be here Tuesday… I’ll let you know how it goes…

Happy to see you figured it out, and too bad you did not know R10D does not support PPM/SBUS out of the box :frowning:

But all should work fine with R10DS when it arrives either via PPM or SBUS :slight_smile:

I am going to soon be using the new AT10ii radio from them which looks very cool so if you need any help I will soon be abit more familiar with radiolink gear :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex,
Looking forward to some build time this weekend. If all goes well, I’ll be airborne soon.

Ok… have most everything together. It was a bit tricky getting the R10DS bound to the AT10…somehow it happened and no indication beeps or flashing led to say so. I only knew for sure through CleanFlight. Weird (to me)… the throttle had to be set reversed on the AT10 in order to function properly. Now, all motors arm and function in their appropriate directions. Next I’ll install the camera and button everything up. This has been quite the education, especially for someone who has only played with “toy” type RC systems…no settings, no options, plug and play type things…

Happy to hear you are making progress. That is weird for the binding with AT10… I know on the AT9 and AT10 II you see a little antenna icon on the screen once it has connected to receiver to show the signal strength, but I have never actually used the AT10 v1 radios before but dont see why this would be any different?

The antenna icon thing is shown in this video:

Hey Alex,

 The antenna graphic is there, it just didn't make any noises or flashing or color changes like other binding processes I've seen...not that I've experienced a lot.... we use some RC at work occasionally, but, for puppetry and animatronics... 

So looking forward to the coming weekend … should be able to get airborne and finesse the settings… thanks so much for your input, it really does help.