Speedybee f7 v3 and spektrum ar6210 receiver

Speedybee f7 v3 and spektrum ar6210 receiver + sat receiver

I’m having problems with betaflight not seeing the receiver. I have tried to hook the signal wires to t2 pads and also tried the rx2 pad. The receiver bound to transmitter through the bind plug, betaflight says no receiver signal detected failsafe. And no matter settings in the receiver tab the bars don’t move with the sticks. I have tried spektrum, spektrum/2048, sbus as protocol. I have serial via uart selected and in ports got uart 2 with serial rx selected. I am running on betaflight 4.3.2. I tried hooking just the sattelit receiver up also but I wasn’t able to get it to work either. Again I know the transmitter and receiver are bound cause I can hook a esc to one of the receiver channels and control a motor with stick control. The light on recover and satalit go on and off with transmitter getting turned on and off.

Is there a certain firmware to use for dsmx or maybe try different uarts

If the receiver and transmitter are bound the flight controller should respond to the stick control in beta flight. So I’m sure it’s a setting.

I’m sorry to hear that. Someone in our support inbox had a similar issue with the SpeedyBee F405 V3 and Spektrum Receiver not communicating. They had soldered the Serial/Bind wire to the SBUS on the SB F405 but Betaflight showed no connection. They were advised to solder the Serial/Bind wire to the R2 pad which sits right next to the power pad. You could try that.

Asuming your FC is connected correctly, the other issue could just be caused if you are using BF4.4… as this one dynamicly builds the firmware in a modular way, so you need ot make sure you select the right modules as I guess your firmware does not have the “spektrum” module installed.

This video explains it in abit more detail:

I got it working thanks

Awesome, what was the issue/solution as may be worth adding here as may help someone else who finds the self in a similar situation?

Well after binding the remote receiver directly hooked to the mother receiver. I disconnected the mother receiver and hooked the sattellite to the fc 3.3 v for orange black to ground, grey to r2 Wich is uart 2. All me betaflight setting worked guess the sattellite and the receiver didn’t want to bind with cli command.

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