Succex d f7 with frsky rx4r receiver and jumper t6

Hi Guys I am a newbie here and could do with some help.I’ve installed the latest version of betaflight with drivers.
I am having trouble seeing the receiver in betaflight.The receiver binds ok and works with a servo but can’t get anything to move on the receiver part on betaflight. I’ve connected the receiver to the sbus on the f7 together with power and ground and disconnected the sbus and gnd cable on the air unit. Also altered betaflight receiver section telling it i’ve got serial based receiver and using sbus.Also altered the uart section how it shows on the instructions.I’ve even tried the fport way as it shows in diagram 2 on the instructions received connecting the s port on the receiver to the fport on the f7 although I’m not sure the s port is actually an fport connection?
I’ve watched video after video on you tube for information but to no avail. I’ve updated the jumper 16 to the latest firmware but not the flight controller or receiver should I need to do this? Just wondered if you can suggest anything? Many thanks guys

Hi Guys if anybodys interested I have solved the problem. Good old you tube and Joshua Bardwell.I updated my flight controller and betaflight could then see my receiver so all good.Not really sure if the receiver can be updated with the jumper t16 like the Taranis.I’ve seen a video but a bit unsure wether to do it.Its working fine now so don’t really want to mess anymore unless I have to !